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User-Customised query

User-Customised query




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Helpful Hints

Predefined queries can be customised to meet your specific data needs. For example to look at the catch of a Spanish mackerel, click on the down arrow for Species Group; click on the “tick” for show all and then locate mackerel and expand by clicking on “+”  then click in the square adjacent to Mackerel – Spanish.  Then click OK.  The data will be updated to show the catch of Spanish mackerel. You can select multiple species by this method.

Annual Queries: Basic queries that display catch and effort by Calendar Year. Annual queries cannot be mapped in their current form.

Note: To map the query select the Map tab above.

Export Data: Once you have filtered the data to what you are interested in, you can export the data in a number of different forms including Excel.

Custome Query: To change the query select the Customise tab. Drag the fields of your choice from Hidden Fields to one of the Filter, Row, Column or Data Areas in the PivotGrid Field List and click the Update button. To remove fields from your PivotGrid, drag the field back to Hidden Fields.

After selecting the fields you wish to display, the field buttons in the Pivot Grid often have a 'drop down' arrow that you can use to select particular elements within the field, e.g. click the Species field to select the species you want to display.

To ensure you are extracting the most appropriate data for your needs, please visit the Help Tab for more information.

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