Queensland Fishing (QFish)

Welcome to QFish

Fisheries Queensland manages multiple fisheries such as the Commercial Line, Net and Trawl and Recreational. The management of these fisheries ensures the sustainability of our marine resources and supports a profitable commercial fishing sector.

This website allows you to analyse and present Queensland commercial and recreational fisheries data through the use of cubes (interactive tables) and maps.

The cubes present the data in a table format which is interactive allowing you to change fields and criteria. You then have the choice of mapping the final product spatially in an exportable map.

The mapping layers are in ESRI format, the Fisheries Queensland layers can be downloaded from the QGIS website or sourced from the ESRI online website.

CONTACT US: If the data you seek is not available on this website, or if you have further questions regarding the data, you may contact us at fishdatacoordinator@daf.qld.gov.au




Description: This cube contains catch and effort data available to the public from Commercial and Charter fisheries. Data in this cube expands on what is available in the Commercial Basic (Public) cube and is recommended for intermediate users and/or those users who are already familiar with Fisheries Queensland data.

Getting Started

To get started, you will need to select which cube you would like data from.

  • Catch Basic (Public) cube contains basic catch and effort data for Commercial fisheries
  • Commercial Intermediate (Public) cube allows you to interrogate the catch and effort data for Commercial, Harvest and Charter fisheries
  • Recreational (Public) cube contains data from two recreational fishing surveys.

Once you have chosen a cube, click on ‘Select query’ to move to the next page.